The Missing Piece

Founded in 2006 in the Luminaria building on Madison, The Missing Piece Tattoo set out to bring together a group of artists with one mission; to create outstanding art in the best interest of the client in a clean and welcoming environment. 

We exist as an art studio, blending old world aspects of a street shop, custom work of a commission gallery and the friendliness of family.  We are an experimental studio, welcoming  your most creative ideas and working directly with you to professionally design and execute an everlasting piece of custom work. The Missing Piece artists push the edge of current concepts and techniques currently available in the tattoo world, all the while respecting and preserving the traditions of our predecessors.

We welcome you to come in, talk with the artists and experience the collection of local art we display on our walls.

It is an honor to be chosen to create art for you.


Toni Youngman

For thirty-five years Toni has been an icon in the tattoo industry. Born in Chicago, she relocated to Spokane with her son and husband of forty-four years and found The Missing Piece. The Tattoo Family Youngman became a integral part of the studio in 2012 and while father and son have moved to their own studio we are fortunate to retain Toni's expertise at the front desk.  In semi-retirement, Toni is an invaluable consulting asset, offering advice, encouragement and enthusiasm for the artists and clients alike.


Zack Woods

In 1995 Zack enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and was stationed in Washington DC until 1999. In 1996, he started his career in tattooing in the Metro DC area, off Capitol Hill. After the end of his enlistment, he traveled and tattooed at various studios from the East coast to the West coast and abroad. He's been tattooing since 2004 and owner of The Missing Piece Tattoo since 2006.

     Zack has been tattooing for over two decades, and can successfully execute many styles of tattooing. He was involved early on in the watercolor tattoo movement and was recognized for his work by the New York Times in 2014. For the last 10 years, Zack has been focused on abstract and painterly styles, trash polka, photo-realism, cover-ups, restoration of older tattoos, and free hand application.


Ben Hoteling

Hailing from Colville Washington, Ben now lives with his wife and birds in south Spokane. Motivated by family, teachers and friends who always suggested he pursue art, he decided his path would be guided by his endless need to create and longing for artistic growth. If he wasn't drawing or painting, he was playing music, day dreaming about being a famous artist, or working any job that paid. Ben received his first tattoo through a musician friend in 2008, opening up a whole new path of artistic expression. After a year and a half of meetings with various tattoo artists, he had a chance encounter with Zack Woods while in Spokane. He obtained an apprenticeship at The Missing Piece in November of 2009 and the rest is history.

Ben became a professional tattooer in 2011, and practices a variety of tattoo styles, from Traditional and Neo-Traditional to black and grey, pointillism, illustrative and realism. He prefers to tattoo organic subject matter such as skulls, anotomy, animals, floral, and botanical themes, but is proficient in executing script or symbols.


Allen Duffy

Allen, raised predominantly around Omak / Okanogan area graduated with a BA in Studio Art from Eastern Washington University in 2012 with an interdisciplinary background of study including digital illustration, ceramics, painting, gallery presentation, and K-12 education. He was appointed to the Spokane Arts Commission in 2012 where he was able to volunteer his time working with different artists and organizations including the Chase Galley, Spokane Arts, Saranac Arts Projects, Broken Mic, Terrain and more.

Allen's career as a tattoo artist began in 2016 in the friendly community of Moscow, Idaho learning to work with traditional coil machines. His background in digital and traditional medias, a passion for working with other as well as a lifelong enthusiasm for the practice of tattooing has helped him develop a sense of craftsmanship for each project.


Skot Weston

Skot is a native of New Orleans and has spent most of his life traveling, living in many states across the US. Skot knew at an early age that he had a passion for art and while in college, began his first steps towards becoming a professional tattoo artist. At Crescent City Tattoos, Tiger Mike took him under his wing and gave him an apprenticeship.  Unfortunately the apprenticeship came to an early end. Hurricane Katrina forced him to relocate him to Spokane, WA.

Again on a mission to fulfill his dream, he found friend and mentor Zack Woods and finished his apprenticeship at The Missing Piece Tattoo. Skot enjoys many style of tattoo but prefers horror themed realism and vibrant colorful artwork.


Nathan Gall

I’d have to say that others saw it in me before I ever saw it in myself. Art was always something I’ve enjoyed doing as a past time, but it wasn’t until later that it became an outlet, study or my way of life. My passion has successfully consumed me and now I’ve found myself with the opportunity to create forever artwork for my friends, family and clients in my hometown.

Currently my favorite styles to work with are photorealism or neo-japanese illustration, although I experiment with nearly everything in between. After finishing my apprenticeship in October of 2017, I am eager for my future alongside the talented artists at The Missing Piece.